July 1, 2019

New from Apple: iPhone iOS 13 Upgrades, All-New Mac Pro

During its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 3, Apple introduced a lot of new technology. Here, we will have a look at iPhone iOS13 upgrades and the all-new Mac Pro.

iOS 13

The main reason for this upgrade is to have a faster and more secure iPhone. Some of the new features that Apple has added to entice buyers include:

  • New map tools that enable consumers to zoom in on a location and have a tour around the place.
  • A dark mode color scheme that users can switch to, replacing the usual white background. The dark mode helps reduce eye strain that users might experience from using a brightly lit screen.
  • Ability to customize your Memoji avatar. Apple added makeup, new hairstyles, accessories and more skin colors to help personalize iPhone avatars. 
  • To enhance security Apple added Sign In with Apple, a privacy tool that uses your Apple ID to verify credentials instead of an email address.
  • A swipable keyboard that relieves iPhone users from the trouble of having to use third-party apps to swipe their keyboards.
  • New photo tools that include adding more lighting effects, removing duplicate photos and additional editing filters. It will also be possible to rotate a video shot in the wrong orientation.
  • iOS 13 also comes with an upgraded Siri, Apple’s voice assistance, that will sound natural and smoother to your ears.

All-new Mac Pro-225

Apple will be introducing a new Mac Pro, which is basically a retooled version of their leading desktop computer. Here are some features to expect from the $5,999 new Mac Pro that will be available for purchase this September:

  • A new design, meant to achieve two objectives: performance and modularity. To handle huge computations without burning up, the new Mac Pro’s tower design includes an offset two-layer circular lattice that will serve as a high-surface area heat sink. A semicircular handle at the top can be easily opened to expose PCI expansion slots.

Specs include up to 1.5 TB system memory, 32GB RAM, Xeon chips supporting up to 28 cores, Pro Display XDR, supports up to 4 GPUs, 8 PCIe expansion slots, up to 2 Radeon Pro II duo GPUs, and two built-in 10GB ethernet ports.